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We are a team of sporting experts sharing the love for the game. We know your passion for the game, so we provide all the fresh details and give you the inside scoop on the latest transfers, what your team needs, who is on fire and even who is not.

In this era of digital information, it is easier than ever to follow the news. We make it even easier by doing all the collection and editing of sports news in Kenya, Africa, and the world so that you can sit down and find all the information you need.

Expert Opinion

Find out how your favorite team is doing on and off the pitch, which player you are likely to buy and who is leaving the club by following our page. You will also find expert analysis on the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement of each team. Our team also analyses various sporting results and breaks down what it means for the small and big picture.

Apart from what is happening on the field, we also gather information about other sports-related activities in Kenya including the latest betting trends. If you cannot follow your favorite game, we keep information on our website so that you can catch up later.

Our coverage of sports is unparalleled thanks to our local and international networks. Get the low down on the latest news in the Kenyan Football league plus your favorite teams and sports in Europe at one place.

Share your Passion

You also get the opportunity to share your opinion with a community that understands the sport and appreciates your contribution. Our team responds and interacts with members to enjoy daily weekly and monthly sporting activities. Come silly season, we look at the rumor mills and discuss while we wait to see what will come to pass.

Factual News

Our strict editorial processes ensure that you receive only the most factual and relevant content every day. In sharing your passion, we ensure responsible reporting and take all the feedback from our community seriously. We also let you chat about your favorite sport and share on the forum since you are an expert. Our opinion pieces come from facts backed by statistics to make our site the one stop shop for interaction, factual news, insight, and analysis

With our vast resources, we cover all major local and international sports news so you can never miss a piece of the action, no matter where you are. We have a wide coverage both locally and abroad. You need not visit several sites anymore to get all the latest sports news. We gather all of it for you. Our news is always up to date so that you can always receive the latest sports news in real time.

Standings and Performance Tracking


Wondering where your team sits after the last round or games, or if your favorite player scored? We keep you posted on where things stand after each event with updated tables showing all details including statistics.

Vibrant community

Want to praise your favorite star or whine about a lost opportunity? That is why we hand over the discussion to you. Through our dedicated forums, you can interact with fellow fans and discuss news at your convenience. As always we value your contribution and ensure you can share freely, find out what others are thinking and enjoy your favorite sport. After all sports are social activities and we know how much it is important to share the passion with like-minded people.


Premium content

Get premium content on your team as well as terrific offers about merchandise. Find out how to follow your team by watching or from our exclusive updates. Also, get all the information about the chances of your team winning or losing based on in-depth analysis of form and performance

Get the action

Want to know how to catch the next event? We will tell you even the stadium, the time and where to get tickets. We provide this information well in advance so that you can plan ahead to follow your passion. In case of any updates we bring the breaking news, we are the one-stop site for all sporting information in Kenya.

Follow the odds

What is the possibility of an upset? Experience teaches that sporting activities can be predicted though teams and individuals can exceed expectations and upset the odds. Find out why some are tipped to do well and others are not and stay ahead of the pack.


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